Deepkunj higher secondary English school
Deepkunj higher secondary English school


  • To promote inclusive, comprehensive and competitive educational systems and services.
  • To enable the students develop and maintain discipline
  • To help the students appreciate human and social achievements and aspirations.
  • To develop a friendly atmosphere within a caring school community in which respect for all can be promoted.
  • To help the students understand the world they live in and the significance of the interdependence of individuals, groups   and nations.
  • To promote participatory learning, evolution and assessment approaches for a healthy relationship among the students,  parents and the school management.

Students' assessment

The school has taken a policy of providing and enabling environment for a continuous evolution of students. Each student's portfolio is maintained and further discusses with the student as well as his/her parents. This provides a record of the student' progress at different stages of education at the school. We ensure that all of our students we have annual reports. For a meaningful educational environment, we also organize conferences, including among parents and teachers as and when the necessity is reflected.

First aid and medication

Our school provides first aid for minor illness or injury sustained during the school time.